All businesses still produce lots of paper documents and materials, many of which have proprietary and personal information on them. This information, if it gets into the wrong hands, can be used to steal personal identities and valuable company secrets. It’s critical to make sure that those documents are destroyed by a process that maintains the highest security level.

Secure Document Destruction of St. Louis (SDDStL) only shreds business documents on-site. They bring their state-of-the-art mobile shredding service truck to the business location for the destruction process. Their bonded, uniformed Information Security Specialists oversee the document shredding process at your site, in plain view of your business. Customers can actually observe the destruction of their documents via the truck’s onboard video monitoring system via closed circuit cameras. SDDStL trucks don’t leave the site until all documents have been destroyed.

Off-site shredding, where companies pick up the documents and take them to another facility for shredding, can expose potential security risks. The materials could sit in a storage facility, accessible to unauthorized individuals. Additionally, off-site shredding trucks make several stops picking up materials from different companies. Who knows how many others will have access to those documents?

SDDStL provides all businesses with a safe and secure method for shredding confidential materials. They provide secure containers to clients for storing documents awaiting the next scheduled shredding service. At intervals set by the customers, SDDStL security technicians will arrive in their state-of-the-art mobile document shredding trucks to remove the units and destroy the materials in them on-site. The shredded material is then transported to a recycling center for further processing.

SDDStL offers both Regularly Scheduled and One-Time document shredding services. Customers can set the frequency that is most convenient for them; monthly, weekly or daily shredding services can be scheduled, as needed. If there are some times during the year that require more frequent servicing, that can be accommodated, as well. Regularly scheduled shredding services are the most economical and secure method for disposing of confidential materials. SDDStL offers a free, no-obligation quote for scheduled services.

Some businesses may not need regularly scheduled shredding services, or they prefer to schedule them as needed. They can request one-time services from SDDStL when they need them. For this ad-hoc service, SDDStL doesn’t furnish the locked secure storage containers unless requested by the customer. The destruction process is the same, however; the trucks will arrive on-site, remove the documents in whatever storage containers they are in, and shred the materials with the same modern equipment.

Some industries require more stringent standards for document storage and destruction because of the more highly confidential nature of those materials. SDDStL always follows strict security and compliance protocols in accordance with all regulatory guidelines (HIPAA, FACTA, GLBA, etc.) as well as NAID AAA Certification requirements.

Because paper documents aren’t the only types of materials that contain confidential information, SDDStL also shreds electronic media. CDs, microfiche, credit cards, DVDs, hard drives, X-rays, USB drives, and other media are destroyed according to the same secure process. Their destruction process is designed to handle the most complex security requirements.

SDDStL issues a Certificate of Document Destruction to the clients after their materials are destroyed. The certificate serves as official proof that the records were destroyed and disposed of in the most secure manner. The certificate will include information such as,

  • Date of destruction
  • Method of destruction
  • Description of disposed documents
  • Name of customer employee or representative witnessing the destruction process
  • Name of SDDStL Security Specialist overseeing the on-site destruction process
  • Statement that documents were destroyed as part of the normal course of business

Located in St. Louis, MO, SDDStL services the City of St. Louis and the Counties of St. Louis, St. Charles, Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, Warren, Lincoln, St. Francois, and Perry. We also provide service in the Illinois counties of Monroe, Madison, St. Clair, and Randolph.

Find out more details about the document destruction process or contact SDDStL for additional information.

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