Searching for business brokers in St Louis or the top “business brokers near me” in Saint Louis, MO?

If you are interested in buying or selling a business, you shouldn’t do it on your own. In fact, you may not be able to.

You are always going to want to get legal advice, so why not do the transaction through a business broker?

A business broker or agent knows all the ins and outs of making the business transfer easier and faster. There is a lot involved when you are buying or selling a business, much of which you are likely unaware.

A business broker will take a good look at your business. They look at the financial statements, the potential for future earnings, the work you have put into it, and all the other factors that help them to determine the value.

They put together a deal, advertise the business or list it on their site, and find the best deal for you. The person looking to buy your business is going to want all that information, as well. That helps them make an informed decision.

They are able to help people looking to buy a certain business by showing them several options within their price range and area. Left on one’s own, they may pay too much or take on a business that is well beyond their ability.

The benefits of going through a broker to buy or sell your business are plentiful. They act as a go-between for you and the other party. It might be very easy to slip up and say something that will ruin the deal.

Brokers are often very experienced in business dealing themselves. They are educated in business, have the training to become a broker and know all the language needed to buy or sell your business professionally.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of some of the best brokers in the St. Louis area.


Top 10 Best St Louis Business Brokers


Peterson Acquisitions

best st louis companiesChad Peterson is an entrepreneur like you that has been through the self-employment trenches. Chad was not born with a silver spoon – he had humble beginnings. Like all of us, he had plenty of reasons to fail, but he chose the same path you did: to succeed.

Through innate tenacity, determination, and grit, he bootstrapped himself through commercial airline piloting school, and then on to become a successful multi-business entrepreneur. Having built and sold several businesses of his own, he has a unique background that translates to real-world applications to help business owners like you sell your business.

Peterson Acquisitions
100 South 4th Street Deloitte Building, Suite 550
St. Louis, MO 63102
Phone: (800) 845-0188



Fusion Business Services utilizes a fully integrated process that helps their clients fully understand all of their business sale or purchase options. Their approach starts with a confidential and in-depth planning session so that the clients are fully prepared to make the best decision regarding a sale or acquisition.

They work with businesses across all industry sectors, and of any size. They understand that it is critical that your transaction be handled by experts. With an aggregate of nearly half a century of brokering in the area, we are in a position to know the safest and most effective methods to buy or sell a business.

600 W Woodbine Ave
St. Louis, MO 63122
Phone: (314) 639-0500


Innovative Business Advisors

Discover how to intentionally drive exponential growth, reveal hidden assets, foresee obstacles, and create more options for the future of your business. When you don’t know what you don’t know, their trusted and professional business brokers at Innovative Business Advisors can help.

Knowledge is power. Determine your company’s baseline so you know where you stand in the market and chart your desired destination.

Learn to steer significant business growth with easy-to-use valuation tools, objective guidance without judgment, comprehensive training, and proven business advisory services. With offices located in both Missouri and Illinois, their experienced business advisors are here for you.

Innovative Business Advisors
410 Crestview Drive
O’Fallon, MO 63366
Phone: (800) 767-2465


Biz Owner Advisors

In business brokerage, experience counts. You need to work with a St. Louis business broker who has been through the trenches and seen it all. At Biz Owner Advisors, LLC you work directly with the Principal of the firm.

They are in business brokerage for the long term. Therefore, Their complimentary business evaluation educates business owners about the exit planning process as well as the actual business sale process.

They are interested in long-term relationships. They provide a No Charge, No Obligation Business Evaluation for business owners to determine the obstacles they face in selling their business, as well as opportunities to increase the valuation of the business.

Biz Owner Advisors
11728 Arboroak Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63126
Phone: (314) 849-7679


First Choice Business Brokers

Established in 1994, First Choice Business Brokers has grown to become one of the largest organizations in the U.S. specializing in business sales. They have listed and managed the sale of over $7.5 billion in businesses for sale.

Buyers and sellers alike can enjoy the accessibility and expertise of a national network of professional business brokers and the largest inventory of businesses available for sale.

They have the experience, knowledge, and dedication you’re looking for when it comes to professional representation. Their knowledgeable professionals bring value to every transaction creating a near-seamless transition of ownership between buyer and seller.

First Choice Business Brokers
615 1st Capitol Drive
St. Louis, Missouri 63385
Phone: (314) 596-7668


Metro Business Advisors

Metro’s process is a customized, comprehensive, multi-phased approach to the sale of your business. Their process is not a “one size fits all” process for you or us!

Metro Business Advisors is a boutique firm located in St. Louis, Missouri that provides services to small business owners looking to sell their business confidentially for the most profitable selling price.

They stay on top of industry trends, news, and resources through membership in the International Business Brokers Association, Inc. (IBBA) and are active in the establishment of the Mid-America Business Broker Association (MABBA).

Metro Business Advisors
1418 Westwind Drive
St. Louis, Mo 63131
Phone: (314) 303-5600


St. Louis Group Business Brokers

No matter what your motivation or life circumstances are, St. Louis Group Business Brokers can help you sell your business discreetly and to a motivated, vetted buyer.

For almost 43 years, they have been helping St. Louis and Southern Illinois small business owners evaluate, market, and sell their businesses. Their team is also the largest and most experienced around.

They know what it takes to get top dollar for your business and how to do it faster. They offer a no-obligation valuation of your business and help sell businesses every day, so they know the market, prices, trends, and pitfalls.

St. Louis Group Business Brokers
9300 Watson Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63126
Phone: (314) 842-3802


Premier Business Brokers

Premier Business Brokers is a full-service business acquisition firm specializing in the confidential process of buying and selling privately held companies. Every business is unique, and every business owner has distinct objectives.
At Premier they specialize in understanding those many variables and in knowing how to address them most effectively. The result of their approach is client satisfaction through a long list of successful business transactions.

They utilize a collection of proprietary and third-party tested resources. The outcome is a pass-through benefit for every client. Their staff culture, created by driven brokers, administrators, and marketing professionals with high integrity, serves to make their mission a reality.

Premier Business Brokers
1851 Craig Park Court
St. Louis, MO 63146
Phone: (314) 548-2153


Osborne HomeCare Group

We are a Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Intermediary solely focused on the US home care industry. Their group of financial, valuation, and deal execution experts initiate the change of ownership transactions nationwide.

They do it confidentially, transparently, and expeditiously. Their clients include Sellers seeking to retire and Purchasers seeking to enter the industry or expand within it.

They advise them every step of the way providing our vast knowledge, home care expertise, and deal execution experience to enable well-informed decisions and desirable outcomes.

Their mission is to honor top-performing home care company owners with full-value deals from top-notch operators as just reward for careers devoted to serving others.

Osborne HomeCare Group
16141 Swingley Ridge Road, Suite 302
Chesterfield, MO 63017
Phone: 800-965-3734


Murphy Business Sales

Since 1994, Murphy Business has established a steady track record of successful business transactions with high closing ratios. Over the years, they have earned the respect of thousands of buyers and sellers across North America.

When you need sound advice, a strategic plan, and tactical implementation to buy or sell a business, call on Murphy Business. They take the guesswork out of selling your business.

Working closely with you at every stage of the sales process, they promise to help you attain the maximum sale price at an optimal profit. Their experience as business brokers, outstanding level of knowledge, and broad network of business contacts assure your ultimate satisfaction.

Murphy Business Sales
407 N. Belcher Road
Clearwater, Florida, 33765
Phone: (727) 725-7090


Now You Are Ready to Hire Business Brokers in St Louis MO

Once you go through the list, make note of the ones you like best. Then, contact them to make an appointment or to have them come in and assess your business. Make sure you have a list of questions ready to ask them.

Selling or buying your business is a big undertaking. You might think you know what is happening in the market, but there is always something else. Running the business is your strength, don’t lose out on a great deal because you failed to act.

Brokers know what is happening in the markets every day. They have listings of businesses for sale and they have lists of clients who are looking for businesses to buy. They have contacts locally and internationally.

Take advantage of their knowledge and expertise. You worked hard to get that business up and running. Don’t lose out because someone offers you what seems to be a great deal, and lose out on a lot of potential earnings.

You will have a lot of questions, so don’t trust those answers to someone who doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Contact a business broker to make sure you and your business are taken care of.